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BASC certification 


BASC Dominicana is a non-profit association whose objective is to promote among its members the development and execution of preventive actions aimed at preventing the smuggling of merchandise and narcotics through legitimate trade. It is a voluntary program that seeks, promotes and supports the increase of safety standards and protection of the international export sector. The association is run by the business sector and is supported by the United States Customs Service.

BASC Dominicana is incorporated in accordance with Dominican laws and is endorsed and certified by the World Organization BASC (OMB). BASC Dominicana was created in October 2003, with the support of 52 founding members and associations. Since its inception BASC has been working on the strengthening of the control and security processes carried out by the actors of the international physical distribution chain, achieving positioning as a leading managerial tool for the development of national and international trade activities .

Multiform Plastics, BASC certified for the first time in 2008, and has been recertified in the years 2009 to 2012 and started the process to obtain recertification, showing their commitment to the safety of their processes and those of their business associates .



  • Implementation of a business security culture.

  • Development of new business opportunities in international markets.

  • Trade facilitation decreasing the risk of seizures and penalties.

  • Protection and strengthening of the image in front of clients and governments.

  • Reduction of risks that legal charges are used for illicit activities or theft of the cargo itself.

  • Optimization of the processes and operations of the foreign trade logistics chain.

  • Competitiveness through standardization and standardization of processes.

  • Certification of its Management System in Control and Security (SGCS), easily integrable with other management systems.

  • Beneficiary of Memoranda of Understanding signed by WBO with customs, control entities and international organizations. Access vehicle to national and international customs authorities.


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