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OEA Certification 


Authorized Economic Operator

In accordance with the guidelines proposed by the World Customs Organization, the OAS is understood as the recognition or status granted by a customs authority to a company that shows to be committed to safety throughout its supply chain, through the adoption of practices based on the improvement and compliance with security requirements, which generates a series of benefits in its foreign trade operations, and recognition as a secure company for both its business partners and the customs authority. 

The objective of the Authorized Economic Operator programs is to guarantee minimum levels of security and facilitate the flow of international trade, forging solid alliances between the public and private sectors that guarantee the security of the entire supply chain and build trusting relationships.


What are the general requirements to be an AEO?

The requirements frequently demanded in the different current programs, point to requirements related to security and best practices in security matters; These requirements are based on the chapters proposed by the United States program, as follows:

- Business associates; This chapter establishes the general requirements for the hiring and maintenance of clients and suppliers, which guarantee safe procedures not only by the OAS, but also by its associates.

-Security of personnel; identifying the process prior to the hiring of the employees that work for the company, as well as the control once dismissed or retired.

-Safety of computer systems; requirements that allow to establish the level of security of the systems and programs used.

-Control physical access; to identify both employees and visitors and restrict access to certain critical areas.

-Training and training provided in the company focused on the prevention of attacks, threats and risks.

- Physical security of all areas; evaluating doors, parking of vehicles, structure of buildings, control of locks and keys, lighting and control of alarm systems and surveillance video cameras.

-Safety of containers. To demonstrate integrity at the point of filling, inspection, storage and use of high security seals.

-Safety in the processes basically of transport, handling and storage of cargo.

- Satisfactory record of compliance with customs requirements.



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