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Plásticos Multiform is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of flexible packaging that ensures the satisfaction and sustained growth of its shareholders, customers and collaborators; promoting quality, and providing optimal conditions of safety, service and protection of the environment.



To be a world class company, leader in the flexible packaging market in the Caribbean, offering quality technology solutions to our customers.


Commitment: It is our responsibility to achieve together with our collaborators the satisfaction of the client, the development of society, the protection of the environment and achieve safe workplaces.


Responsibility :  We have the goal of fulfilling and enforcing with excellence the duties and obligations of work, norms and objectives.

Integrity: We are a transparent company, which has a reliable, honest and speaking team.

Solidarity: We care about the well-being of our collaborators, granting them benefits that allow them an integral development; creating interests for the achievement of common purposes. We also encourage development in the communities that surround us.

Entrepreneur: We are a pioneer company, which is always at the forefront of technology, seeking to develop, together with our  customers and suppliers, innovative products.

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